Swim for fitness, swim for life! Providing swimming lessons for all ages and abilities FOR OVER 40 YEARS

We are a family-run swim school with a genuine passion for teaching and swimming. Our teachers are Swim England (ASA) qualified, and we maintain a reputation for being one of the most popular swim schools in the Harrow area!

A Flexible Approach

Our main aim is that learning to swim should be enjoyable. We aim to build a foundation of water confidence. Our classes are mixed ability, and can be tailored to a pupil's individual needs.


Although we don't guarantee that every pupil will achieve an award every term, we assess using the full range of ASA awards (rather than just the National Stages), giving our pupils the best chance of success.

Swim For Fitness, Swim for Life

The teenagers and adults who swim with us in our coaching sessions do so to improve their fitness and train for other sports. Interval training is a fantastic way to build cardiovascular fitness and keep healthy.

A Passion for Swimming

Our teachers are experienced, and genuinely care about our pupils. We have over 50 years of experience, and we enjoy swimming ourselves. Some of the adults who train with us started in 1979 and still swim with us today!


There is more to swimming than lengths! We can teach the fundamentals of diving, water polo and synchro, to enable our pupils to get the most out of their time in the water.

Swim for fitness, swim for life.

Hatch End Swim School

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