Children's Classes

Tiny Turtles

Adult and baby classes for children aged between 6 months and 2 years. These classes are now held on Sunday mornings at Underhill School,


Seal Pups

Adult and child classes for children aged between 2 and 4.These classes are now held on Sunday mornings at Underhill School, Barnet.

Seal Cubs

At Hatch End Pool these classes are for children aged 3 and up. with a teacher/child ratio of 1:4 with a teacher in the water.


Classes for up to 8 children of school age and up who can swim less than 10m. The teacher is usually on the poolside

First Improvers

These classes are for children who can swim 10m unaided on the front and back without putting their feet down.

Deep Water Improvers

Stroke improvement classes for confident swimmers who can swim over 50m. They should be able to do two strokes.

Advanced Improvers

A class to perfect the strokes and skills of those who can swim over 100m.


A length class for older children and teenagers to perfect technique and improve fitness through training.


Adult's Classes


A relaxed class in which non swimmers can develop water confidence and start to swim on their front and back.


Stroke improvement and a gradual introduction to deeper water for adults who can swim 10m or more.


Stroke perfection for confident, deep water swimmers.


Length sessions to enable confident swimmers to improve fitness. (Suitable for triathlon training).


Swim for fitness, swim for life.

Hatch End Swim School

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